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Hundreds of jobs are up for election at the Clearwater Job Fair on June 23, and hundreds more are on the way. This free holiday event along the Tampa Riverwalk will include live music, food trucks, crafts and more. Meet on a holiday with friends, family, friends of friends and local businesses, as well as local artists and musicians.

Stay at Sandpearl Resort, located on the west side of the Tampa River, just blocks from the Clearwater Riverwalk. Walk along the waterfront and visit some of Tampa's most popular restaurants, bars, shops and restaurants. There will be live music, food trucks, crafts and more, as well as free parking. Book your hotel room (pictured above) for the weekend of June 23-24 or reserve it in advance for June 26-28.

Located at the heart of the action at Clearwater Beach, this hotspot is the place to experience spectacular Gulf sunsets, sip tropical cocktails and listen to live music on deck at night. Palm Pavilion Beachside Grill & Bar (pictured above): This is the perfect place for a beach night, with great views of Lake Okeechobee and the Gulf of Mexico, as well as great food and drinks.

Dolphin Festival: Dolphin Celebration takes you from Clearwater Bay and Clearwaters Pass to the emerald waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Join a dolphin tour led by the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, where guests can visit a bird sanctuary on the island and learn about the local dolphin population.

If you are looking for dancing dolphins and just want to enjoy a picturesque sunset party, you will not be disappointed if you even decide to charter a private yacht. If you are looking for a relaxing, relaxing way to see the area, we recommend the best attractions and activities, although dolphin sightings are by no means guaranteed.

Check out our list of holiday events and go ice skating with your loved ones, see the Christmas lights or see the many events taking place in Tampa Bay in December. For more free vacation tickets and tickets to attend many events taking place around TampaBay this December, click here. To book a well-deserved family trip to Clearwater, call 1-888-567-4357 for more information and to book tickets for your vacation.

Check out our list of New Year's Eve events in Clearwater this year and check back soon as we will update our listings for NYE 2021 soon. Check back later in the week for more information on the New Year's Eve events around Tampa Bay and check back for the latest news and updates on all of our events.

Although several parades have been canceled for 2020, there are still plenty of free parades on holiday boats around Tampa Bay. Our favorites include the Tampa Harbor Lighting Boat Parade, the New Year's Eve Parade in Tampa and the Clearwater Lighting Parade on New Year's Eve.

The Clearwater Beach Visitor Center, also located on the pier, is a great place to get a quick overview of all the activities that take place on the pier any day. All city parks and swimming pools in Tampa are open until summer 2020, so check with each location for more information.

While you're there, take a fishing trip, take a day trip to see animals, ride a roller coaster to nearby Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, watch a dolphin cruise or explore the Sponge Museum and learn about the rich history of Tarpon Springs while browsing what is said to be the largest collection of sponges in the world. Clearwater Beach can be a Legoland and offers a variety of activities, from kayaking, canoeing, fishing, swimming, boating and more. You can enjoy the beaches, water sports, beach volleyball, golf, kayaking, paddling, surfing and much more!

Many travelers love the easy access to Clearwater Beach, and the fact that travel times range from the low 70s in winter to the low 90s in summer makes planning a no-brainer. Want to delve deeper into the local scene as far as the tourism industry goes in Tampa to see what makes this city tick? Just look for Ruskin Seafood Arts to take a look at everything that's going on in one of Tampa's most popular restaurants and entertainment venues.

Experience everything from Christmas at the resort to the annual Clearwater Beach Festival, a celebration of all things Tampa.

This sunny, paradisiacal location features some of the best beaches in America, bordered by the tranquil beaches of the Gulf of Mexico. There are schools of trout, redfish and snook that make Clearwater Beach one of the most popular fishing destinations in the country.

The coastal road runs through Clearwater Beach, so there are plenty of opportunities to explore this charming coastal community. There are even a lot of people - the Clearwaters Marine Aquarium with a wide selection of aquariums and exhibits as well as a number of restaurants, bars and shops. The boardwalk at the end of Pier 60, just a few blocks from the beach, offers great views of the Gulf of Mexico, the Atlantic Ocean and the Florida Keys.

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