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After years of searching for an established name for their Tampa Bay hotel, Enchantment LLC has unveiled plans for the Clearwater Florida Marriott Marriott Hotel, a real estate offering that is the first of its kind in the state of Florida. Tampa is excited, and plans are moving forward, as is the entire real estate offering, the company said.

The residential developments will consist of 1,500 square meters of retail and office space on the ground floor and will comprise a total of 2,000 square meters of retail space. The Res Residences comprise 1.5 million square metres of retail space, a further 500 square metres of living space and a full-service restaurant.

JW Marriott Residences Clearwater Beach is part of Marriott, a well-known and respected name in the hotel industry with more than 1,000 hotels and resorts in the United States and Canada. The first phase of construction of the new Marriott hotel and residential development begins today, and the second phase, which begins today, will be completed in 2018.

Located in the heart of the award-winning Clearwater Beach, this unique development boasts a spectacular location. The residences will also have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful sunrises and sunsets of Clearwater and access to a variety of outdoor amenities including golf courses, restaurants, bars, shops and entertainment facilities. Residential property, but also the possibility that owners can enjoy beautiful sunspots and sunsets for years.

From a unique vantage point overlooking the Gulf, the balconies provide a spacious setting for sipping an aperitif while watching a watercolor sunset. From a unique vantage point overlooking the Gulf, the balcony offers the opportunity to enjoy an anteroom and sip an aperitif in the spacious setting of the watercolors of a sunset.

There are many great accommodations in Clearwater, Florida, but if you're looking for a fantastic resort, check out the Marriott Sand Key. Located in the heart of Tampa, a short drive from Tampa Bay, Pelican Pointe Hotel & Resort is an affordable no-frills hotel offering a great combination of luxury, comfort and great food and beverages. Located on the beautiful bay of Tampa, this hotel feels like a Caribbean resort.

The hotel is located just steps from the beach and is built around a large courtyard with a private pool, shaded deck chairs and a pool terrace overlooking the beaches. In the front courtyard there is a full-service bar and restaurant as well as an outdoor dining area. A private jetty at the back is a great place to fish and sunbathe, overlooking the bay and the sea.

Water sports such as jet skiing and kayaking can be enjoyed at the hotel dock, and helpful and attentive staff can arrange boat and dolphin tours. We think the Florida Gulf Coast is an underrated family beach destination and we recommend a trip to the Tampa area if you are looking for a tropical getaway. Clearwater Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Florida, often lost only to those visiting Orlando or Ft. Located just a few miles north of Tampa Bay and south of St. Petersburg, the area is a hidden gem of a vacation destination.

During our recent stay at Sand Key Marriott, we were able to visit Clearwater Beach, one of Florida's most beautiful beaches and a great family beach destination. The beach in the area offers families the opportunity to discover bottlenose dolphins, as well as kayak, paddle board and pedal boat tours. We loved the pool area as much as our room at Sand Key Marriott, and the beach area offered families the opportunity to spot bottlenose dolphins and kayak, paddle or even go on a boat trip.

The large, freely designed pool features a waterfall, and guests relaxing on the tropical pool terrace can enjoy a drink service from the Soak Bar. The small plunge pool on the eighth floor has terraces with spectacular ocean views and is a top spot to enjoy a sunset feast. It is equipped with a variety of drinks and snacks, as well as a bar and an outdoor lounge area.

The owners also enjoy a selection of drinks and snacks from the Soak Bar, as well as an outdoor lounge area overlooking the sea and a private beach. The owners also enjoy the large, free-form pool on the eighth floor of the Clearwater Florida Marriot Hotel.

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