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The Florida Holocaust Museum (FHM) is pleased to announce that it has been selected by USA TODAY as the # 1 museum to visit in both St. Petersburg and Clearwater. Few places in Florida offer so many unique communities, and the museum in Clearwaters Beach has something for everyone. The diverse profile of the area, which is given by its diverse population, history and cultural heritage, attracts visitors of different interests and tastes.

In Florida, the NSU Art Museum in Fort Lauderdale is perhaps the museum that benefits most from circus - like shows. We recommend the museums because they have one of the best views in the state and a great view of Lake Okeechobee. Not to be forgotten, this park offers stunning sunset views and hosts a variety of events, including the annual Clearwater Art Festival and the Florida Museum of Natural History.

The mission of the museum is to collect, preserve and convey the history and heritage of Florida, with an emphasis on St. Petersburg and the Pinellas Peninsula. The museum houses 13 original buildings from 1870 to 1912, which were relocated from all over the state of Florida. In the rotating galleries, the museum is displaying a timeline exhibition that depicts the development of St. Petersburg and PineLLas County. Their mission was to interpret the history of the golden age of the golden age and its impact on Florida's history.

Founded by Margaret Acheson Stuart, the museum is the first art museum in St. Petersburg to be located directly on the waterfront of downtown. The museum is regularly named one of the top 10 museums in the state of Florida by Tampa Bay Magazine and is located at the corner of South Pinellas Avenue and South Main Street in downtown St. Petersburg. The James Museum of Western Wildlife Art is a museum of wildlife and wildlife art from the Western United States and the Caribbean. The Tampa Municipal Museum was established to preserve the legacy of the Bay Hotel in Tampa in honor of its original owner, William James.

Less than 1.5 km from the Dali Museum is the Museum of Fine Arts, which opened in 1965 as the first art museum in St. Peter. Other major museums include the Art Institute of Florida, the Florida Art Museum and the Imagine Florida Museum.

Children will love the marine life in the Gulf, including their guided cruises to see dolphins, sea turtles and more in Clearwater Bay. See a flock of dolphins and Clearwater's landmarks on a family-friendly boat tour. The Clearwater Marine Aquarium has a wide selection of exhibits, feeding demonstrations, educational programs and a full-service aquarium.

By visiting the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, educate children about marine life and marine conservation and interact with enchanting marine animals. Take a guided tour of the aquarium, led by Clear Water Dolphins, where guests can travel to a bird sanctuary on the island and learn about the local dolphin population.

Take a day trip to see the animals or ride a roller coaster at nearby Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. For general information, visit the Clearwater Tourist Office or read where to stay in the area. Help you plan a pleasant trip here by highlighting some of the best and funniest things you can do in Clearwaters, Florida. And for more, check out our list of art galleries provided by the St. Petersburg Arts Alliance.

We recommend it because it is not only an art museum, but also offers the opportunity to learn a lot about art. This museum of famous Spanish surrealists is not your normal museum; it is full of interactive elements that make it a great place for someone who normally does not love museums.

For something more quirky, automobile lovers should not miss this museum, and we also recommend it if you are not an auto afiquado, as it is steeped in fun and an amazing collection of vintage cars and cars.

After taking over in Fort Lauderdale in 2013, Bonnie Clearwater set about properly cataloguing the museum's vast collection. When I was the director of the NSU Art Museum in Ft. Lauderdale (2013) I discovered all these pieces, "Clearwaters says. If you visit Florida CraftArt to see some of the more interesting pieces in the collection, such as the mural on the back of a car, you can do a mural tour.

The show is also the kind of blockbuster that will be much rarer, if not entirely absent, from Florida museums. The museum experienced a rush to the show and undoubtedly drew crowds, but it is also a sign that these kinds of blockbusters are becoming much rarer (though not entirely absent) at the Florida Museum.

Experience the wild side of Tampa Bay and the heart - pump rides and attractions at the Clearwater Florida Museum of Natural History. Rent a pontoon boat to explore the coastal waters and visit the museum with its many exhibits and the park's extensive collection of historic boats.

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